Thursday, January 23, 2014

Land Cruiser Adventures- Salton Sea Part 1

So as a way to get me to soften up to the idea of the Land Cruiser, Joey and his BFF decided a inaugural off-roading trip was in order. So last weekend after church, we packed a lunch and we all headed out to the Salton Sea. This was a perfect trip way to ease me in and the "Land Cruisers Adventure Club" was born. Our trips will be close to home and pretty mild when it comes to actual terrain because I am a wuss.

The girls and I have never been to the Salton Sea before and we were so excited to see it. Joey and I had watched a very cool documentary on the Salton Sea narrated by John Waters and it really peaked my interest. This place has a super interesting history.

We were lucky to be there on a day where there was almost no smell. Thanks to the large amounts of salt in the water (30% more salty than an ocean) there are a lot of dead fish so you can imagine the smell during the summer time!

Of course I had my camera. The landscape was gorgeous.

We drove down some dirt roads to find the shore. What looked like sand was not at all. We can't be certain but the ground is covered in bones and shells. The salt and the heat leaves perfectly bleached bones.

And this layer of bones was deep that your feet sank in.

The girls did what all kids do. They found sticks and got dirty. It was awesome .

As we headed out a group of dirt bike riders came by to ride the dirt hills.

We backed up our things and headed back out to find a place to stop and eat. We found a great place.

Part 2 and a lot more pictures next time.....

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  1. The shots of the girls are great; they look like postcards.


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