Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Parenting Payback

When I was little I had really long thick beautiful wavy hair. My Mom would put braids and ribbons and I would always get compliments on how nice my hair was. It was down to my waist and I HATED it. When I was about 9 years old I started begging my Mom to let me get it cut short. Like a boy, short. She told me no for a long time. She told me that my Pops liked our long hair. She told me that once it was cut it would take a long time to grow it back. But eventually she caved in and for a year or so I sported this hairstyle..... 

That's me with the yellow and Cabbage Patch kid.

And on Monday I got my parenting payback. Phi has been begging me to let her cut her hair off. She even went as far as to make friends with a girl at church just to show me how much she liked her pixie haircut. I found myself saying all those same things my Mom said to me all those years ago. Then Monday, after yet another appointment to deal with her eczema I asked her one last time...

"Are you sure you want to cut off your hair?"

She didn't even hesitate with a big YES. So we found ourselves at a salon and in the chair. 

Phi showed her stylist Chris some pictures of what she liked, and he went right to work. Phi was so excited about getting her haircut she spent the entire time chatting it up with her stylist. She kept making him laugh with her little stories. 

And then it was over and we had a brand-new Phi....

It's so short! But it is so cute! Louie is still trying to get use to it.. 

Day-day?? Is that really you?
I am sure my parents gave each other a high-5 and were very happy to know that I have been properly paid back by karma for chopping off my own hair when I was a kid. 


  1. Phi looks so pretty! I am loving her pixie. :-)

    1. Thanks! I kinda love it on her!

    2. She looks adorable, I love the pixie cut on her it looks great. I used to womder why my mom made such a fuss about my hair growing up, I mean its MY hair, why should she have a say in how I wear it, right? But now that my little one has this gorgeous long wavy hair I am dreading the day she decides off with it, I'll probably have a hard time letting go too at first.

  2. Little Mexican Miley.


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