Friday, October 04, 2013

Avila Beach and Kelsey Winery

My youngest sister recently moved to San Luis Obispo, California so for her birthday we all headed up to the central coast to celebrate. The day was epic from start to finish....

The drive up to SLO from Santa Barbara is breathtakingly gorgeous. It is one of my favorite drives. I will literally fight sleep just to check out the views. 

Our first stop was Avila Beach for brunch at The Custom House. I had not been to Avila Beach is about 12 years and boy does it look different. They have really brought life back to this very cute and tiny beach community. 

As usual we were the first to arrive so we had some time to walk around and check things outs. 

 We found a swing set. Like on the sand. It was damn near zen nirvana perfection. Salty air, sand, waves crashing, my girls giggling and the feeling of flying through the air.

The whole family got there and sat down for brunch. This day was even more special because the whole family was there. All 14 of us. It doesn't happen to often so when it does its magic. 

After ordering we passed out gifts. It had been my brother-in-law's birthday a week earlier so he got to open some gifts first.

Tia Elaine was turning the big 2-8 and since her current obsession is Mrs. Meyers cleaning products we bought her just that. You know you are an adult when cleaning products make you this happy. 

The food was pretty good. (well I wouldn't advise the shrimp Louie. My brother Tom ended up sick from it! I tried to warn him that Louie's were pretty evil. ) Elaine and I both had the crab eggs benedict and it was delicious.

And because we were all together I rigged up a tripod (I used Schmonkey) and we got a family pictures. Pictures with all 14 of us are my favorite!

I only added this picture because my nephew Felix is hilarious in it...

Phi and Lili, ugh I can see what they will look like as teens.

After brunch we headed over to a family friendly winery called Kelsey Winery. Grape vines, bottles of wine, live band and free range peacocks.

You can tell that Tom is adopted because he doesn't like wine. We made him drink his Snapple from a wine glass.

Kelly (the most amazing Tio ever!) keep the kids entertained by taking them to feed the peacocks.

Of course we toasted to the baby of the family, to her birthday and to more times all together.

Ouie and Ouie 2.0

Our day continues tomorrow with an adventure to buy a cake and a visit to Elaine and Kelly's new place.....

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