Friday, September 13, 2013

Homeschooling: Week 3

So Joey and I stopped, took a deep breathe and got our asses more organized. After our first week of home school work we came up with a system. We scheduled out everyday. The mornings are spent doing a few assignments with Poppa and then doing a little more work with Momma in the afternoon and reading in the evening. I would say we are spending about 3-4 hours a day on school, with Sunday and Mondays off. We also use Saturdays for projects that are more like field trips if needed. 

Last week we had the usual math and writing but for geography and science we had 2 big projects. 

In Geography we studied landforms of the US. Part of the assignment was to make a map and use a key to show different types of landforms. We started out by doing a very rough outline of the US. Then we lined out the different items the teacher required on the map. For the ocean we used blue streamer cut into squares. We used the eraser end of a pencil to kind of twist up and glue down. We used pinto beans to represent the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains. Next is the plains. We had to show the great plains, central plains and gulf coastal plains. For these we went with light green colored rice. For the coastal ranges we went with brown colored rice. Our Grand Canyon was represented by macaroni. The Mississippi River is a piece of blue yarn. Lastly the everglades were represented by cut up leaves. This project took up a lot of glue! 

*Quick tip: making colored rice is super easy and quick. Put rice in a ziploc and add about a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol and then add food coloring. The more coloring you use the darker the color. You can mix colors too. Then zip the bag and smoosh everything until all the rice is saturated. Put on a paper plate and put out in the sun to dry. Ours were dry within 15 minutes. 

For science Phi had to research an animal of her choice and make a replica of its habitat. This was a project Phi and Joey worked on together. The first day they planned out the habitat and put together a supply list. Then that afternoon we shopped for what we needed. All we had to buy was some styrofoam and a blue gift bag to make the water. A quick trip to the dollar store got us our supplies and even the box! The next day they got to work making the habitat. The big piece of "ice" is held in with toothpicks. They cut out chunks of styrofoam and glue together to great a little ice hill. Add some cotton balls for clouds and more snow effect. Then cut of the blue from a gift bag and add to the bottom half for water. Oh yea and then search the entire house for the penguins you know you bought on your last Sea World trip, but your 3 year old has managed to misplace.

We have learned to break out one assignment over a few days. Instead of cramming one project in a day we work a little bit on a few things in one day. We are just a few days into week 4 and already are feeling a lot less stress.


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Awesome! Phi's projects turned out fabulous.

    Good to hear how you and Joey worked together to form a teaching plan that works for the both of you, Phi and Louie. Lots of planning when being taught from the home. Liking the course you have set very much. You and Joey know, and will learn, what your expectations are for what Phi will learn from week to week.

    Homeschooling is such a mystery to me. I know many parents home school and their children thrive and learn. I'm very excited for you and Joey. And, Phi! Your enthusiasm is contagious, Elissa. :D


    Sherry P.

  2. Now that your kid is a home schooled weirdo it's time to enter her in the national spelling bees. Home schooled kids always win those. I foresee fame and fortune.


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