Friday, September 27, 2013

Bye Bye Diapers

Louie's love for Mathme is huge. Like mega-huge. So of course we took full advantage of this. Mathme's Mom was brilliant and when we started potty training Louie (all those months ago!) she told Louie that she needed to learn how to pee-pee in the potty because Mathme needed her diapers. We used this incentive every time she went to the potty. If she peed in the potty then Mathme was so happy! But if she peed in her pull-up then Mathme was crying. My cousin Monique is so amazing that she would even send pictures of Mathme happy or crying if we needed them.

After spending a few days with my Mom, Louie came home and refused to wear diapers or even pull-ups. Like at all. She only wanted to wear chonies. So that's what happened. It was nerve wracking taking her out in public. She has had many accidents and we dealt with them. We keep towels on her bed at night. And even now we are washing sheets a few times a week.

But I think we can safely say that Louie is finally potty trained. (I may have totally jinxed it by writing that last sentence). Joey and I now have the diaper phase behind us. The last ceremonial step was to send Mr. Mathme the last diaper. We added a little note for her beloved Matheme.

Off it went and Mathme was very happy and excited to get it!

So thanks Mathme for help with potty training Louie. 
And Monique, when its time to potty train Mathme, I owe you one! 


  1. Now that's a whole new take of positive and negative reinforcement for potty training! hehe I'm still potty training my two-year old son. It's hard because though I work at home, I have to work a lot to pay for our bills, so I have a nanny to help me, and she kind of spoils Achilles too much hehe. I have got to find some strategy to potty train Achi:D

  2. How cute are Mathme and Louie??? I just can't take the CUTENESS! On another note, WAY TO GO LOUIE LOVE! No more chonies!

  3. Nice review... I was considering Flips since I like the idea of hybrid cloth diapers but instead I got gDiapers and GroVia. I'm not a big fan of pocket cloth diapers.


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