Monday, September 30, 2013

Bear Hunt by Josh & the Jamtones- Album Review

I often get offered children's music to review and when it came to the new album by Josh and the Jamtones I went strictly by cover art. The cover reminded me of the California flag and I LOVE my home state. We got to listen to the CD and first off I have to say that this one is great for the kids. Lots of great reggae and ska like vibe. It gave me a Sublime-ish type vibe. "Snow Day" is a super fun fast tempoed song that my kids will bounce along to. As Californians snow days don't exist but the song is fun.

The song "I love you" really captures that Cali beach vibe. It totally made me want to head out and hang out at the beach. The album really moves up and down. They mix up tempos and lead singers. The dude singer has the fast fun songs and the chick singer has the more slow folksy songs. All the songs are good but for me the album felt more like it should have been 2 different albums. My kids tend to skip the slow songs and keep the dance party going with the faster tempo jams.

But what really really hit home was the song "Green and Spakkled Frogs". See when I was in Kindergarten me and my friends were in the talent show. My friend Jessica's Mom made us green with white spot jumpers and we sang the song on stage while jumping rope. It was EPIC. So this updated version of the song really made me happy.

Along with music the CD also incorporates a mini-adventure story. In between songs we get to listen as the band goes on a hunt to hug a bear. From booking their hotel room to traveling through the cornfield of doom to the lightning lake of a thousand sea monsters. It really leaves you in suspense. Will they find and hug a bear?

Bear Hunt by Josh and the Jamtones is dropping tomorrow! 
This is another great addition to your music library. 

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  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    A shout out to the speckled frogs! LOL! --JVS


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