Monday, June 17, 2013

We Partied Before the Ceremony

With a family as big and close-knit as mine, there is always a few graduations to celebrate. This year we had 3 graduates. My cousin Nick graduated from MHS and Selina graduated from SPHS and my beautiful niece Chone graduated from CMS (middle school). The family likes to make things simple and have one big graduation party. Education is so important to our family and celebrating these achievements are a must! 

We had a party before any of the actual graduations but it was still lots of fun....

Our Graduates!

My sister now has a kid in high school!

Elaine and Nick. MHS Alumni

Don't piss off Louie.


We are so proud of you Nick, Sel and Chone! 
But Class of 95 will always rule. 

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