Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Phi and Moms Book Club April Update

For April The Phi just had to read the second book in the Dork Diaries series. I can't blame her, as a kid I devoured each and every Sweet Valley Twin book every written. We read through this book in a matter of days. Another cute and funny story about Nikki Maxwell and how thanks to the "mean girls" at her school she gets stuck putting together the Halloween dance for her school. Of course there is a lot of mix ups and Nikki ends up having to work as a costumed rat on the same night as the big dance. And to top it all of Brandon had asked her to be his date!. In a very I Love Lucy fashion Nikki attempts to make it all work.

Again Phi loved this book so much that she hardly let me read any of it. She immediately started reading the 3rd book on her own.

Phi says "I loved this book so much. It was so funny when she kept running back to the bathroom to change her costumes". 

For May I was able to convince her to read something other than a Dork Diaries book. Thanks to a sweet friend Thomas, we got our hands on a James Patterson book for kids. So here is what we are reading for May...

P.S. Over at HerMamas.com today I am talking about why I admire my Mom so much and how I wish I could take back my teen years. Click Here to read.

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  1. Oh I think is a good gift for my daughter (14) Thank you!


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