Wednesday, May 08, 2013

County Fair Season Starts! Up First Santa Barbara!

The weather is starting to finally warm up and we are super excited that fair season has started. We usually hit up at least 3 during the spring and summer time. The first one is always the Santa Barbara Fair and Expo. A great medium size fair. You can spend an afternoon and see everything. 

We started the day with some pig races! 

Louie walking around with her Nana and Tata, rocking the visor just like Nana!

Cari you may have a problem.

Pops popping balloons to win a $15.00 stuffed banana for Louie. She loves it so totally worth it.

Phi and Lili waving their hands in the air...... like they just don't care.

We bought the kids unlimited ride wristbands. Best deal there! 

 This is how I run the house too.....

Man the beard is perfection...

Fair food! Between us all we had pizza, chinese food, chicken kabobs, french fries, sausage and bacon wrapped hot dogs! Of course there was kettle corn and the jumbo bag of cotton candy.

One of Phi's favorite ride is the big swings. She got on it by herself the first time. Later in the day she wanted to go again and Lili stepped it up and got on too!

Then on the third time on the swings Felix rode too. I will never forget his face, he was so excited!

And of course you can't leave the fair without an airbrushed something!

One fair down! 2 more to go!

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