Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Safari Park Adventure (part uno)

Last week The Phi's class went on their first field trip of the year! A tad bit late into the school year but well worth the wait. One of us always goes with Phi on her field trips (we would both go but sibling are strictly forbidden!) and we let Phi decide who gets to go with her. For this trip she choose me (yea!!!) because she wants Joey to go with her to Sea World! (boo!!!). 

We have never been to the Safari Park in San Diego so it was a really cool adventure for The Phi and I. 

Waiting to get in and scoping out the map. She is just like her Dad with the maps! 
As with most field trips its started a bit chaotic. Joey drove us out to SD and spent the day with Louie. Even though we all meet at the school first and left at about the same time, most of us spent a good hour waiting outside the park.

Once we got it the park we headed straight for the tram tour. Located at the back of the park this was a fun way to start the day. Lots of big animals roaming around to see. 

After the tram ride we were free to explore on our own. So Phi and I took off and ate some lunch. 
The Phi and the view from our lunch spot. 
While eating The Phi busted out her map and wanted to map out the day. I let her look things over and then folded the map and said "You know Mom doesn't do well with maps. We are just walking around and following signs today". 

So off we went to explore. Just me and my Phi. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many different kinds of animals and so up close! 

The pelican reminded me of my Comadre Irene and this story she told me about pelicans and feeding their young. 

Tata what are you doing here?? 

We stopped by and had a chat with Robert the Zebra. A really fun interactive show where Robert the Zebra talks to the kids in the audience. Phi told her horse joke and totally killed it. She even had the parents laughing.

Clever sign positioning! 

Seeing Phi and this baby gorilla hanging on the Momma gorilla hit home for me. This is me everyday after work. 

Petting Zoo's are not mine or Phi's cup of tea but when in Rome!

I know I'm bias, but man she is one beautiful girl!
We spend the first half of our day just walking around and seeing what we could see. Stay tuned for part 2 of our adventure. Because of course there are many more pictures!


  1. Tawny1:28 PM

    Great shots, Elissa. I love that park; what great, interesting photo opportunities they have. When I was there, they were making bows out of the leaves from the "lamb's ear" plant - soft and fuzzy.

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    The Phi is BEAUTIFUL and so are so many of these photos. We've never been here. Ever. Would love to go w/Liam and Emma and my Oregon grand-daughters. Very awesome place. :)

    Will wait patiently for part 2. :)

    Sherry P.


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