Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kindness is the Most Important Thing

Right in the middle of our day at the Safari Park, The Phi and I were wandering an area that looked so much like Bass Lake (BASS LAKE!). Of course we loved it. I asked her if she wanted to stop and have a snack and that's when my favorite part of the day happened. 

We found a bench next to a pond. Phi read the sign on the bench and I explained how people donate in peoples name and they get things like benches for people to sit on. 

"Kindness is the most important thing" 

Phi really liked this saying and said that Louis M. Paltin must have been a nice person. 

We sat on the bench and we each had a granola bar and just sat.

 When all of us are together we never really just sit. Joey is always ready to move on to the next thing and Phi and Lou are anxious to follow along. On this trip we just sat. Sometimes in silence and sometimes talking.

We took silly pictures and talked about school and work and blogging and anything else that crossed her mind.

At one point, we were sitting quietly watching ducks in the water when The Phi told me....

"Mom I wish I had my book with me. This is a perfect place to read". 

This melted my heart. Partly because I have really tried to raise her to be a lover of books. And also because I was thinking the exact same thing. She may be a spitting image of her father but there are parts of me starting to come out in her. 

Like with most families with more than 1 kid, having one-on-one time with each kid is hard to do. Field trips like this allow us for amazing bonding time. During the day The Phi told me "Mom I forgot how fun you are.". I couldn't even be upset by that comment because I know where it came from. Life is busy, its fast and the days are filled with school, work, family obligations, meetings, dinners, etc..... When I have less than an hour of free time to spend with my kids a day it always with both girls at the same time. 

This day with my Phi reminded me that when you take away the busy days, the homework, the frustrating nightly showers, the "STOP SCRATCHING"'s, The Phi is one hell of a kid. She is funny, and smart and just super freaking cool to hang out with. 


  1. This just MELTED MY HEART! Glad you gals had this wonderful time to yourselves. And you're so right about one thing... Phi is one hell of a kid!

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Elissa, this is simply beautiful. Put a ribbon around it and gift it to Sophia on a special day or on a day you want to make special. <3 Maybe when she's 10 or maybe whenever.

    Sherry P


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