Friday, February 01, 2013

San Pedro Lunch

After the museum I asked Kelly if he liked seafood. He said he loved it so I knew where to take them for lunch. Off to San Pedro (aka Where the ghetto meets the sea). 

We decided to split a shrimp tray and loaf of garlic bread. Kelly splurged for a pitcher of beer. 

The food is just sooo good. This tray fed all of us (except Phi who opted for a burger) with a pile of shrimp left over.

Tia Uh-laine peeled shrimp for Louie to enjoy.

Then we walked around and enjoyed the sights. 

We counted star fish.

Then Joey and Kelly spotted this guy at the end of the dock!

Downton Abby reference!
 It was a great afternoon on the water with 2 of our favorite people in the world.

Tia Uh-laine and Kelly just make everything fun.


  1. !!! such good food. Family is the best. I love those photos against the brick walls!


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