Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Metal Poles

The football game lasted longer than usual thanks to a power outage in New Orleans. We got on the road later than we wanted to. We made the girls put on their PJ's and brush their before we got in the car so when we got home after 10 pm they could go straight to bed. 

Thanks to a metal pole on the 210 freeway near Glendale we didn't get home until the super early Monday morning hours. By the time Joey saw the pole it was too late to avoid it. We hit it and slowed down and moved over to the side of the freeway with the other 4-5 cars that had also hit the debris. We were stuck on the side of the freeway. And let me tell you, being on the side of the freeway, at night with a bored 2 year old and a panicking 7 year old while trying to talk to an insurance agent and a police officer is beyond stressful. 

We finally got moving and Joey had to pulled over a second time. Our insurance company would pay for a reasonable tow and 125 miles did not qualify as reasonable  So Joey removed some plastic away from the tire and determined there was no leakage, we decided that we really had no other choice but to drive home. Very slowly.  

The next morning I got to see the damage. 

Joey and I were really bummed about this. We knew that we were going to have to cancel an upcoming trip and try to figure out how to cover the cost of this. 

My Mom (being the amazing person she is) sent me this poem...

It is so true. That night after we made it home and got the girls in bed Joey was catching up on local news and read about a tour bus accident in our area. Lots of lives lost. Joey and I just looked at each other and knew, despite the mangled car and the extra expense we were lucky. We were sleeping in our own beds, next to each other with our 2 girls safely in their beds.

And of course the girls are beyond stoked to have a rental SUV.

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