Friday, December 14, 2012

Tree Farm

This time of the year always gives my camera a work-out. There are just so much fun to document! A few weeks ago we took the girls to the Live Oak Christmas Tree Farm. Just a great place to get into the holiday spirit. We went on a Saturday afternoon and since it was only the first of December the place was pretty empty. Which was fine by us! 

Lots of really cool trees. There was even the option to flock your tree in pink or purple. Louie's favorite color is pink and Phi's is purple! They loved these trees. 

My girls already have elf ears so this was not a far stretch for them...

The Phi and Louie still get along really well. Louie is not old enough to be annoying and Phi is not old enough to be completely annoyed by Louie. I know that the time is coming really soon so I am savoring these kinds of moments.

The weather had a perfect chill in the air. Perfect for sipping hot chocolate, sitting by the fire pit and listening to carolers.

Which is exactly what we did. 

Until Louie got bored....

Here Phi is pretending to drive the sleigh while Louie is doing the double point.

Louie refuses to smile at the camera. She just refuses. We are lucky to get her to look toward the camera. So this next shot is gold.

This is what I usually end up with.

More cut-out fun. I have to admit The Phi makes a super cute reindeer!

Some fun with photo editing.

Our tree farm is complete with rides for the kids. We bought a few tickets and let the girls choose a few things to ride. Louie went ape-shit crazy for the Dora and Diego bouncy house. This kid fake calls Dora and Diego all day long so this was like hanging out with old friends for Louie. This was for little kids only so Phi couldn't get on with her. Louie would not go in until the little boy that was already in there got out. But she did get in and had a blast. Since the farm was so empty there was not a person running this bouncer so she got to play until she had her heart's content of Diego/Dora bouncy fun.

 The Phi went with quad racers. Well not much of a race since she was the only one riding. But she had a lot of fun.

It was a sweet day. And I got this photo. In a year or so I will blow up this picture to poster size and hang it in the girls room to remind then that there was a time when not only did they get along. BUT showed affection to each other. Publicly. 


  1. Great outting. The girls are so cute in their pink satin jackets.

    1. Thanks Jan! The jackets are mine and my baby sisters back from our swimming days!


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