Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Activity Countdown Continues...

This year we have been doing a holiday activity everyday as a way to countdown to Christmas!
 (You can see days 1-10 HERE

Days 11-20 have been filled with so much fun... 

Day 11- Visit with Santa
We took a trip to the Bass Pro Shop and this year Louie didn't cry! 

Day 12- Read A Christmas Story
This is the ultimate Christmas story. Reason for the season and all! 

Day 13- A Trip to Starbucks
After The Phi's amazing school performance we had a nice time sipping warm drinks. 

Day 14- Game Night! 
We brought out the Dora Candy Land, Princess Yahtzee, Connect 4 and Trouble. 

Day 15- See the Redlands  Highland House Light Show
When we got the the Redlands house there was not one light up. After a quick search on the internet we found a home in Highland that had an even better music and light show. And we had a Santa sighting. He came right up to the car and gave the girls candy canes! 

Day 16- Make A Christmas Drawing
We brought out the paper, crayons and stickers and made some really festive drawings!

Day 17- Bake Cookies
Yes pre-packaged cookie dough. Don't judge us. 

Day 18- Make Paper Snowflakes
We even let Louie use the kids safety scissors. 

Day 19- Watch a Christmas Movie
Joey had recorded a couple movies and I decided that we would watch Home Alone. The girls LOVED it. 

Day 20- Write A Letter to a Friend. 
Phi wrote to Schmonkey, Louie "wrote" to Chavo, I wrote to my Boo Ami, and Joey wrote to Abba-Zabba, his only real friend. 

We only have a few more activities to go. That means Christmas is almost here!!!

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