Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bonus trip to California Adventure

 With the lines at Disneyland being so quick we were able to head over to California Adventure at about 5pm! The girls were so excited because they both have been so excited about Cars Land.

Louie was so excited she fell asleep on the walk over.

 While Louie took her disco nap, Phi was able to ride a few rides in Cars Land.

 Joey and Phi got to get on Luigi's Flying Tires and the Radiator Springs Racers. Thanks to some nice people with extra fast passes, they didn't have to wait long for that one!

While they rode the rides I wandered Cars Land with a sleeping Louie. Lots of great neon signs! 

Louie woke up just in time to see some of the Cars Land sights. Then we headed over to the Little Mermaid ride. I have to admit I really really love California Adventure. 

The kids were getting a little hungry so we headed back to Cars Land for Churro bites with chocolate sauce, in a cone of course. 

As we walked past King Neptune's carousel Louie nearly jumped out of the stroller. She really wanted to ride this one. And when we showed her that she could ride her own sea otter...we... her face says it all...

Awww my Phi. She reminds me so much of her Dad. Same face, same posture. 

Joey kept track of our rides here too...
  • Luigi's Flying Tires
  • Radiator Springs Racers
  • Little Mermaid Ride
  • Jumping Jellyfish
  • Silly Symphony Swings
  • King Neptune's Carousel 

We hit up Buena Vista Ave. I love all the cool behinds the scenes stuff. We went into the Sorcerers Workshop and found a bunch of cool things we had never seen before.  Like the Beast's library where you can sit, have your photo taken, answer a few questions and they will tell you what character you are most like. I have to admit they got us all pretty right on. 

Then the dreaded "Sorry we are closed" announcement happened and we had to start exiting the park. Before we left we shopped. As souvenirs we bought Phi a few new pins for her lanyard. A Merida from Brave and a Jack Skellington. We even bought Louie her own lanyard. She traded one pin for a Goofy. 

Which she of course lost before we even got to the car.

We had such an amazing day. We are so thankful to our cousin Yvette who really made this day possible. We were able to do this whole day, from parking to food to souvenirs for under $100 because she got us into the park. THANK YOU YVETTE!

Being able to surprise our girls with a day at Disneyland and California Adventure was a dream come true for Joey and I. It was a day filled with laughter and smiles and all over joy. Our kids are growing up so fast and I know that these kind of days and surprises will be the ones that they will always remember.

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