Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Every year we have to make the big decision on which side of the family we will spend Thanksgiving with. This year we went with Joey's family. This is a win-win situation. We both have awesome families.  Joey whipped up a Paula Dean corn casserole recipe and we headed out to spend the day feasting and being thankful and of course playing bingo. With this family there is always bingo. 

The weather was nice enough for us to eat outside. 

As usual Joey's Dad and Grandpa deep-fried the turkey.

Just one of 2 birds at the table!

Me and Charlene Evereen, the hostess with the mostest!

Grandpa Andy got a new camera and so he made us all pose for a photo.

Joey and his younger and only brother Steve.

Here are Phi and Lou with their cousins on Dad's side. Joey has the girls and his brother Steve have the boys!

We ended the night with pumpkin pie and bingo. Perfect.

Then we hit the road to begin the best 4 days EVER!!!!

Stay tuned.............................

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