Thursday, November 29, 2012

Santa Barbara Natural History Museum

We spent the long Thanksgiving weekend with my parents in Santa Barbara. It was simple AMAZING. Really an incredible few days. Words and even photos don't do it justice but I will try.

On Friday we opted out of shopping (except some shooting supplies Pops needed) and we headed to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. The kids have been here a few time, but this was Joey's first time.

The giant whale skeleton greets you as you walk in from the parking lot.

The new exhibit was all about Owls and Woodpeckers. We love owls.

The girls checking out the Mammoths! There is a good chance that Louie is licking the window here.

In one room there is a replica of a giant squid on the ceiling. The illustrations around this piece are so pretty. 

We headed to the science-y section next. This place is a bit hidden and we did not discover it until the last visit. Lots of cool things! 

Heat cameras!  

Phi blinding me with SCIENCE!

We then headed to the Museum Backyard. Also a section that we had just discovered on our last visit. A nice trail with little nature things to do. They encourage climbing rocks and playing in water. Kids love that ish!

Here is my Louie, all grenuda and mud stained paints. I love her. 

My parents and The Phi trying to build their own tee-pee. It stood for about 1 minute before I hear the giant crash.

We are not a big outdoorsy kind of family but this weekend we were. And the girls loved every minute!  

Sitting on the rocks by the creek with Nana yelling "Don't fall in the water Tata" He didn't.

Giant leaves that could cover your whole face!

Louie found a bongo and let her hippie soul sing!

There is a creek with water flowing where kids are encouraged to crawl around and take water and add to these pumps to see how pumping water works.

On our walk back to the museum we saw a real in the wild owl!

Side story: I also found a pair of gorgeous Ray-Ban tortoise shell POLORIZED wayfarers. The were on the floor but still not a scratch. Keep in mind I am in desperate need of new sunglasses. My Von Zippers are really old and the lenses are scratched so bad that it gives me a headache to wear them. My faux-wayfarers I sat on and broke on Halloween. Now these Ray-Bans were awesome, but I took them to the office and turned them in. Setting the good example and being a good person. Why am I so good??????????

I was excited to show Louie the Sea Otter. I loved this piece as a kid and since Louie has a deep love for Sea Otters I knew she would like this. She did.

We checked out all the birds.

Joey was attacked by flying bugs.

Then it was time to go and say good-bye to the giant whale skeleton. Until next time...

We headed out for a good dinner of beer, pizza and video games at Rusty's. Then my sister Ouie and her family showed up and the good times kept coming........

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