Thursday, November 08, 2012

overactive parenting

The other day I was driving Phi to school like I do every weekday morning. She was happily telling me about a picture a classmate drew for her. Then her whole attitude changed. She was quiet and I asked her what was wrong and she said nothing. I could just hear paper being put into her backpack. We got to the school and she got out of the car. She looked upset. I asked again if she was okay and she slowly nodded and slumped off to school.

As I drove to my office I tried to figure out what could be wrong. I thought.....

'Maybe she doesn't want to go to school.'
'Maybe someone is making fun of her new haircut'
'What if no one will play with her'
'Is she getting bullied'

My Mom brain so quickly escalated by the time I got to my office (my office is 4 minutes from the school). I was sick with worry. I sent a text to her teacher and asked her to keep an eye on Phi and to let me know if she seemed out sorts. Then I called Joey and told him to see how she is after school.

When I finally got home I asked Joey how Phi was. Being a Dude, Joey had asked her straight out. He told her I had been worried because she seemed upset that morning. She explained herself,

'My stomach hurt. I went poop and I was all better'

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