Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Shower for Crystal

 On Saturday we got to celebrate the upcoming debut of little Miss Charlotte. Our sweet friends Ben and Crystal are in the home stretch. Little Charlotte has about 9 more weeks until we finally get to meet her.

Crystal's Mom and sister threw an amazing book themed baby shower. Since I love Crystal and books I loved the party!

A book themed cake!

 These classic children's books were made out of rice krispie treats!

The cake table filled with candy, books, dolls and personalized water bottles.

 Out in the back there was a station for guests to decorate onesies for Baby Charlie.

 Irene (my co-creator of HerMamas) was there and when you get us together you better believe we will turn your baby into free advertising!

I also made this one from us! Joey's idea of course. Charlotte representing good old pop punk rock.

The tables all had book themes to them. We sat at the Narnia table. How cute are all these little details?

Louie loved all the books. This kids loves books.

There were cute games. I even won the "baby info" game by knowing the most facts about babies.

Crystal attacked her giant pile of gifts. The host's asked that people bring along a book for Charlotte's library. They even provided cute sticker book plates where we could leave our name and a message. The girls chose a Llama Llama book for Charlie. They love them.

There was a bouncer (awesome!). Louie spent most of her time inside the bouncer. 

Phi and Isaiah tried their hand at tennis, but spent most of the day zooming around the tennis courts on scooters.

Baby Noah!

So one of those "what a small world" stories. I went to UCSB with Irene back in 2001. I met Crystal about 5 years ago when she found my blog and emailed me. About a year ago Crystal did her internship at the non-profit organization that Irene works for. Of course both are my Facebook friends. Once day I noticed that Irene commented on something Crystal had posted. So an old (I'm not calling you old Irene!) college friend met a new friend and now we are all friends!

Speaking of friends. These 2 get along so great. They are becoming fast friends.

It was great to spend some time with Crystal and Irene. Both women who I totally admire and pull inspiration from. By surrounding myself with strong and intelligent women like this keeps me on my game!

Congratulations again Crystal! 
We cannot wait to meet little Miss Charlie and I will keep my fingers crossed for lots of hair.
  (But even if shes as bald as a cue ball she was be perfect and gorgeous!

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  1. I knew I could count on you Elissa to capture this day so beautifully!

    Congrats again Crystal!

    I am so happy to have both of YOU gals in my life and more importantly... I'm glad we have little ones that also get to buddy up!


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