Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Today is my 35th Birthday

For some reason 35 sounds so old. Like an actual adult old. For a split second I started to get sad about turning 35 and then my nephew made his first ever goal at his soccer game. And we were all there to see it. We screamed and clapped and I literally jumped up and down with joy. It was one of those moments that if we were on a sitcom it would be in slow motion and the camera would pan over each of us so excited and so happy and end with a shot of little Felix on the field trying to keep his cool face but a tiny hint of a smile on his face and eyes. It was so awesome. 

Then later that day we went to the Padaro Beach Grill for my birthday lunch. We sat outside with the ocean to the left and the kids playing in the sand on the right. We toasted to me and another year and to little Felix and his first goal. 

I have always known how important family is, but there are some moments that really remind you. 

I may not be where I thought I would be at 35. There may be life goals I have yet to achieve. But even if I never do, the fact that I belong to this tribe, this family, will always be enough. This is where I belong and to know that is comforting and brings a sense of peace that even makes turning 35 a great thing.

So here's to 35! 


  1. 35 isn't bad. No age is, if you have the right attitude, and you do.

  2. Erika Dalin'1:28 PM

    haha! love Luis' and Elaine's face expressions lol

    Hope you had an awesome birthday Elissa :)


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