Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Weekend Part 1

I celebrated my 35th birthday in Santa Barbara with my family over the weekend. We had a long lunch at the Padaro Beach Grill. 

Cari was happy to find the tabasco.

The kids had a blast in the sand pit! 

Chone enjoyed the gorgeous ocean view. The weather was a perfect overcast SB day.

Phi and Lou with Chone. They are her biggest fans! 

My sister Mercy made these amazing mustache cupcakes. She even used some mustache duct tape to make personalized water bottles!

We stayed up late, played twister, charades and taboo. And yes it was as fun as it sounds. Seriously a good time. 

The next day the sun was out and we were out playing in the yard. 

Playing with the big wheels all over the house, and for the adults, shooting guns at the range and bow and arrows.

 I spent a good hour just sitting on the hammock swing taking it all in!

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