Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Andres & Araceli's Wedding- The Reception

After the ceremony we headed down to the Bates Nut Farm for the reception. A beautiful place complete with rows and rows of corn and rows and rows of pumpkins. A nice fall background (even though it was a H-O-T day). It was such a nice background that we took out latest blog header photo there. (Look above!!) 

This picture of the girls creeped me out. It is like the exact same face. 

The reception was gorgeous. And it was all done by the bride herself! Araceli is a super crafty lady! 

See that laugh on my Tia Helen's face? This is always how I picture her. Laughing.

This may get confusing. This is Jaime, his wife Gina and their little boy Cristiano. I have known Jaime my whole life. We went to grade school and junior high together and stayed close through college. Sometime in high school, my cousin Andy's Dad, married Jaime's Aunt. Jaime and I ended up with mutual cousins. It was so awesome to see him and his beautiful wife and son. 

Every time she puts on glasses.

Andy "tossing" the garter to the one and only single guy there.

The bouquet toss was a little more intense. Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Here is Jaime again, this time with his little sister Michelle. I cannot tell you how weird it was to see her all grown-up. SO WEIRD!

And what are wedding for if not for trying sparkling cider in a fancy glass (Phi) and eating pillow mints until you're sick (Lou). 

The happy couple!

The couple went to each table and thanked everyone for coming. I love that. Here they are posing with my Grandma Rachel, Aunt Sally and my cousins Elsa and Eileen. 

Phi and Lou running back from the dance floor. A rare break for Phi. That kid loves loves loves to dance.

Louie and Cousin Selena bonding over chocolate cake! 

It was such a fantastic wedding, filled with so much happiness you could feel it in the air. A perfect start to a perfect life together!

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