Monday, September 10, 2012

Andres & Araceli - The Ceremony

On Saturday my little cousin Andres (aka Andy) married his love Araceli. The family headed down to Escondido for the wedding day. The ceremony was at a Catholic church. A beautiful church, with rules against flash photography. I had to do my best to work with low light.

Andy and Araceli have 2 beautiful children together.


And Alessandra......

My Aunt Helen looked amazing! She walked her baby boy down the aisle.

My cousin Andy as he watches his bride walk down the aisle.

Hugs and blessing from their parents.

Let the ceremony begin!

The rings...

Unity candle. I love the symbolism of 2 becoming 1

After the priest announced Mr & Mrs Paz, my cousin realized he was never told him to kiss his bride. He pulled Araceli close, smiled and kissed her.

Even looking back at this photo a few days later makes me misty eyed. My little cousin Andy. He was the cutest and quietest little boy. And my big bad cousin Santiago. Who I always admired and look up to. To see them all grown-up. So handsome and so happy. It makes me so happy.

My Aunt Helen looked so gorgeous in red.

It was a beautiful and traditional ceremony. Afterward it was time to do what my family does best........PARTY!

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  1. Jasmine Paz7:51 PM

    Elissa, you tell a beautiful story!!! We had a blast and are so happy we got to see you guys! Give the family our love!!!


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