Thursday, August 02, 2012

Terrible 2's are in Full Effect

Like clock work, as soon as Louie turned 2 years old, a switch was flipped and the terrible 2's hit in fill force. I remember this phase with The Phi. Yes even our perfect Phi went through it.

 All of a sudden Louie is so clingy and so whiny. First she wants to get into her high chair. Then 2 seconds later she is crying her face off because she wants to get down.

The whining is bad, but the crying is even worse. Louie will cry if.......
  •  If I look at her for too long.
  • If I don't look at her long enough
  • When I strap her into her car seat.
  • When the movie she is watching ends.
  • When Phi leaves the room.
  • When its time to go to bed.
  • When her food is not served immediately
  • When she's done eating
  • When its time to change her diaper
  • If her clothes don't have a princess on them
  • When we put her in a high chair at a restaurant
  • When we put her in a shopping cart
There is just so much crying. We know it's a phase and it will be over soon. Joey and I just keep telling each other that.

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