Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bubble Ride by Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys

Most of the music on the girl's iPod is geared toward The Phi. Kids music with a bit of Nickelodeon/Disney stars mixed in. So when I was given the chance to check out this new cd Bubble Ride by Vanessa Trien and the Jumping Monkeys, I "jumped" at the chance. With a track list like this...
1. Moomooheehawbaabaaneigh
2. Peacock Walk
3. Spinning Around
4. Tickle Monster
5. One Fine Day
6. Train Dance
7. Bubble Ride
8. Yo-Yo Song
9. Hey Ho
10. Mama Dada Blues
11. Deep IN The Jungle
12. What Am I To Do 
13. Free To Be You and Me
14. Bye Bye song

I knew this would something that maybe Louella would like. (Even Lou can only handle so much Big Time Rush). Although this CD is a bit too "Laurie Berkner" for my taste, it is a great night time album. Vanessa has that soothing voice and many of the songs are slow tempo and make great lullabies. 

The song Bubble Ride is a great example of this. This song and it's descriptive lyrics could lead to some really spectacular dreams. 

 And then there is "Tickle Monster". Hands down this is the family favorite. The song starts off slow, perfect to creep up, and then explodes with the chorus, perfect for a tickle-fest with your little one. 

The song Mama Dada Blues, is like Louella wrote it herself. Perfectly captures the frustrations little ones must feel when first starting to communicate. And with lyrics like "Dadadadadadada" and "Mamamamamama" Louella only had to hear the songs once to be able to sing along. 

Head over to Vanessa Trien website to take a listen for yourself! 

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