Friday, July 27, 2012


Daughters, listen to your Mother.

And Mothers, learn to let your hair down.

And never, ever, ever, mess with Mama Bear's cub

This is what I came away with after watching the movie Brave. While on vacation we went into Oakhurst to go and see the movie.

Being in a small town in the mountains in the middle of the week, we had the place to ourselves.

All those people were with us. 

And Lou is not that tall. They had a "booster" for her.

 And by booster they mean those boxes that fountain sodas come in. Hey it totally worked.

When we were walking to the theater I asked Lou "Are you excited to see Pwincess?" Phi replied with "Mom, Merida is not a princess. She doesn't have a boy she likes."

Hmmmm. Interesting concept. Joey and I gave each other the glance and went into a joint "informational discussion" about what makes a princess. And how she don't need no man to be a princess.

So I went into the movie with low expectations. For some reason the previews did not appeal to me. I had no idea it was a movie about Mother/Daughter relationships.  I have 2 daughters and I am dreading what the teenage years will be like. No matter how well we get along now. Or how "cool" I think I am, my girls and I will inevitably end up butting heads.

This is like combing The Phi's hair EVERYDAY!

The movie was super cute. Merida is a bad-ass Independent woman and her Mom is the ultimate Momma bear. Thanks to a spell Elinor literally becomes a Momma bear. And only by mending the bond can the Queen (and Merida's triplet brothers) turn back to human form. 

King Fergus totally reminded me of my Pops. Big, loud, fun Dad who supports and loves his daughter. 

I cried at the end. Damn Disney movies always make me cry. After the movie we all walked out of the theater and I reached out to tie something on Phi's shirt. She went in for a big hug and told me "I love you Mom". I think she got the moral of the story. 

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