Saturday, June 02, 2012

rip 3ds

After only 6 month The Phi's 3DS has died. It was sudden and unexpected and of course The Phi was beyond upset. Thanks to a very bad eczema flare up on her feet, The Phi has been forced to soak her feet. While soaking she dropped the 3DS into the water. The Phi was so so upset. After sitting in a bowl of rice overnight it did not help.

So we say farewell to the 3DS. It is now something Lou can play with.

Since The Phi has the best Nana and Tata in the whole entire world they are going to buy her a new one as a reward for having such good grades all through first grade. I bet she doesn't let this new one get anywhere near water.


  1. Xanadu11:12 AM

    What's weird is one of the twins threw Angel's 3DS in the tub a few months back and his is working fine today. I kept shaking water out until no more would drip out, then tried after 20 min or so, and it would turn back on, only briefly. But by morning was back to normal. It might be the layers of boy germs and sticky fingers that created a barrier though...

    1. After she dropped it she immediately put it in the charger. I think that might have killed it.


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