Friday, June 01, 2012

Louella Blu is Two

My crazy one,  
My chubby one, 
My baby one,

Happy 2nd birthday Louella Blu
It seems like it was yesterday you were just this tiny little 6 pound ball of sweetness.
You looked just like your sister with so much dark hair.

You were that missing piece of our crew.

You are our wild one.
Our crazy one.
You keep us on our toes and entertained.
Since the day you were born there had not been one dull moment.

You are emotional and when you are happy you are so happy. But when you're upset, well it's not very fun. And nothing makes you more upset then us telling you "No". And these days we have to tell you no all the time. You are testing your boundaries. We get it. And soon you will figure out what flys around our house and what doesn't. For instance, throwing your food does not fly.

And of course NEVER park on the dance floor.

Your curiosity is unmatched.
The most common phrases out of your mouth are..
"What you doing?"
"Where you going?"
"Where's Daddy/Mommy/Dada/Nana/Tata/Chone....."
This is all we hear from you all day long.

I guess I can admit it now.
Your sister's personality is just like Daddy's and you my dear, are just like your Momma.

And boy are you cute. Strangers stop us all the time to tell us how cute you are.
And you just eat up all the attention.

I now understand the term "the light of my life".
Your smile just makes everything around your brighter.
You can light up a room.

Sometimes I look at your silly little face and it feels like my heart might explode. It is like my body cannot contain the amount of love that I feel for you.

You are already such an amazing little person and I am so honored to be your Momma.

Happy 2nd Birthday Mi Amor.
I love you like crazy. 

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