Thursday, June 07, 2012

Lake Arrowhead

The heat is starting to rise around here. And in the desert we usually see highs in the 110's. Last Saturday, to avoid turning on the air conditioner we threw the kids in the car and headed up. Up the mountain.

 Only 40 minutes later we were in gorgeous 70 degree weather with fresh air and tall trees.

We were at Lake Arrowhead.

The lake is really beautiful and so clean. Lots of ducks and the little shops along the lake sell duck food for 50 cents.

We walked along until we found a playground where the kids could run wild.

The Phi kept saying how much she liked it there. I have to agree with her, I do love being in the mountains too.

After some time at the playground we walked around even more shops. Lots of big name stores like Coach!

We walked into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to smell it. We love to go in and smell it. And we saw these!!

While browsing through Claire's I found a new hat and for $8.00 I could not pass it up!

Of course Lulu had to try on the hat.

A few more shops to walk through and our little day trip was done.

We said "see you soon" to Lake Arrowhead and headed back down the mountain.

With this little spot being so close to home I see a lot more day trip to Lake Arrowhead this summer!


  1. I was just in Lake Arrowhead during spring break. My brother and his girlfriend invited us up to the cabin/condo they rented. It was right on the lake with great views and a quick walk to the village.

    Did you see the huge bear outside of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store? Sean and I call him "diabetes bear." There's a RMCF in Westwood and they have a huge bear out there too.

    1. We did the big bear! Haha Diabetes bear. I'm gonna call him Betes for short.

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