Monday, April 16, 2012

Thank You Easter Bunny....

The Phi woke up on Easter morning at about 7. This is the same kid who we have to go in and force to wake up on Christmas morning. I told her that Lou was still asleep and when she woke up we would all get up. And 5 minutes later, Lou was up. The Phi searched the fireplace and the living room with no luck. She gave me those sad brown eyes and said "Mom maybe he forgot". So I asked her if there was any other place he might have left some baskets and she immediately took off for the Blue Room. 

 Sure enough the bunny had wandered in through the back door to leave the girls their baskets on the pool table. That bunny sure is messy, always leaving tracks. Then the girls attacked the baskets.

Happy with her loot.

This is Lou's evil grin. I think this is when she realized just how much candy is involved. 
She was super excited about every little thing she pulled out of her basket.

The day before we had made a stop at Goleta Beach, and I had promised The Phi that Monday would be a beach day. I even told her that I would go and buy her a swim suit since we had not packed them. Lucky for us the Easter Bunny took care of new bathing suites and flip flops for both girls! Man that guy is smart!

Lou loves jelly beans

A new book for The Phi.

Somewhere in the flying plastic grass and jelly bean inhaling Lou lost a sock. Typical Lou.

It was a nice Easter morning. A tad bit early for Joey and I but the girls loved it. Next up it was time to get on Easter dresses and attempt a photo shoot. Those "amazing results" coming soon! Stay tuned.

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  1. Your homemade Easter Baskets were so worth your efforts. Great job, and great post.


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