Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Every Monday Should Be a Beach Day

After Easter we stayed in Santa Barbara for a few days since The Phi was finally on Spring Break! Since we had promised her a beach day we packed the chairs and sand toys, grabbed some sandwiches and headed back to Goleta Beach. Since it was a Monday afternoon we had the beach to ourselves. 

There is just something about being at the beach. Something that just feels like home and happiness. I think it stems from the summer of 2003. That was one of the best summers of my life. My sisters and cousins and The Chone would head to Emmawood Beach almost daily. We surfed, we boarded, we talked, we laughed and then we went to be Jack in the Box tacos. We would even go back at night for bonfires. 

The beach will always be one of my happy places. 

And it only took 7 years, but The Phi has finally fallen in love with the sand and surf too! 

The Phi in Warrior Pose. I have to agree with her, the beach is a perfect place for yoga.

A rare quite moment with Lulu. 

She is actually in the water! In the freezing water! 

Nothing better.

While walking along the shore with The Phi she spotted this. A jellyfish! 

Beach Beauties!

Louie just being Louie

Tree Pose

Like a Villian
As if we didn't need another reason to move to the beach. After playing in the cold salt water, the eczema on The Phi's legs and feet almost went completely away! I see lots of beach days in our future.


  1. What a great day. The beach is a great place for Tai Chi, too. It's so calming by the water.

  2. Nice find on the jellyfish!


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