Thursday, April 05, 2012

37 New York, New York

Today my parents celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary. And where are these 2 crazy love birds.

Well New York City of course! For the last few years my parents have been taking an anniversary trip and this year took them all the way across the country! I love that my parents are traveling more. Seeing sights they have always wanted to see. They deserve it. After getting through the teenage years of Me, Cari and Elaine they deserve a trip around the world!

37 year of anything is a long time to do anything. And 37 years of marriage is something to be celebrated. New York City style! And you can accomplish a whole heck of a lot in 37 years.

This is what Felix and Mercy have accomplished in 37 years.....

Happy Anniversary Mom and Pops!
We love you so much and hope you are having an awesome time on your trip.
We can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. 


  1. Happy Anniversary TIOS!! Thx for being so loving and supportive.
    Luv you guys very mucho!!

  2. Oh, they're going to have a wonderful time. I love going to NYC.


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