Monday, March 05, 2012

She's a Natural

Joey and I always knew that our children would most likely not be athletic. I am the opposite of graceful and Joey is the opposite of athletic. As The Phi gets older we are realizing that we were right. She is not a natural at soccer or baseball. She is clumsy like her Mom and loves TV like her Dad. She has never shown an interest in any sports besides dance classes here and there. 

The Phi is almost 7 years old and watching her grow into her own is something incredible to witness. Despite her lack of athleticism, there are 2 things that she is a natural at. The first is yoga. When I was pregnant with Lou I started doing a pre-natal yoga class. Phi joined me and loved it. We took a family yoga class and she was so amazingly good it was funny. There I was trying to get my pregnant body into a pose while my little girl was in a perfect downward dog. 

Over this past weekend we found the second thing that Phi is a natural at. 


The Phi had been asking to go fishing at Nana & Tata's house and on Sunday she got her wish. I was still getting ready so my parents took the girls down to the reservoir. Joey and I were not more than 10 minutes behind them. But in those 10 minutes my Pops had taught The Phi how to fish. When we got there I stared at her with my jaw on the floor. She was fishing like she had been doing it her whole life. 

Seriously. Check it.

My Pops has always been a big fisherman. When I was little there was not much that could get me out of bed at the crack of dawn. Except a fishing trip with my Pops. I loved going fishing at the marina with him. We would get donuts and hot chocolate. I loved these trips. What I loved most was that I got to spend some time with my Pops. Just me and him. 

I love my Pops so much. He has always been there for me and my sisters with anything and everything we ever needed. The Phi adores her Tata. In her eyes he is a billionaire who can make or fix anything. And really isn't that how kids should see their Grandfathers. 

We spent some time in the sun out at the reservoir. The weather was perfect and I forgot how much I liked to fish too.

Flip or as he is sometimes called iGone. 

Since we were there in the middle of the day the fish were not biting. Except for Mom. She was the only one to catch a fish! 

So The Phi has found a new hobby. Since this day she has already purchased her own fishing pole. You should have seen her at the store. She had to hold and "try" each and every pole to find the right now for her. She also got a pink tackle box with some hooks and lures. She is all ready for her next fishing trip!

This week we start yoga classes.

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  1. This is so great. I'm not an athlete, but Bob always was. I bet Sophia will do great at yoga.


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