Monday, January 09, 2012

Which One Bribed Santa?

We got to my parents house at like 11pm on Christmas Eve. The kids were still so amped up. We had one little surprise for them. The Phi had asked us if we would read them The Night Before Christmas before all the kids went to bed. I thought it was a good idea so I sectioned out the story so all the adults got a part to read. The surprise part was that Tia Uh-laine and Kelly had recorded and  emailed me their parts. When my sister and Kelly's voices came out of the Bose the look on the kids faces was priceless. They were so happy to hear them. 

The kids told us that they had gotten together and were planning to be up at 6 am on Christmas day. We all laughed because, yeah right! We had to go in and wake them up at 9.

Christmas Day, like always, was a whirlwind of wrapping paper. After some technical difficulties we got Elaine and Kelly up on Skype from their hotel room in New Orleans. It is not the same as having them there but it is super awesome to see and talk to them.

I don't know which one of these kiddos bribed Santa, but they were all spoiled. Nintendo 3DS's and American Girl Dolls were flying all over the place!

The Phi got one from Santa and Felix got one from Nana and Tata. You can read here how we are dealing with this new obsession.

I love the PJ's and the messy hair.

A very cool gift from Tia Uh-laine and Kelly. The Phi collects smashed pennies so they bought her a new book and some pennies from DISNEY WORLD!

Elaine and Kelly giving Joey and subtle hint.

Mom and Pops looking at the book Elaine and Kelly sent them.

Lou loved her "bobbob" slippers.

My brother Tommy recently bought his first rifle so he got a lot of gun related stuff!

Her American Girl doll from Nana and Tata. She was so excited. First she named her Sierra and then 5 minutes later named her Renee. Lily got one too and we are already planning her birthday at the American Girl Doll Cafe.

When we were in Bass Lake Luis tried some cinnamon whiskey. He liked it so we bought him a bottle.

This face. This is the face. Mission accomplished!

I was so excited to give my sister her gift. We got her a kindle. Or as well call them Ken Doll's.

I think Mom liked the gift we got her.

She has been wanting this on a canvas print forever. In fact a few nights before Christmas she asked me to show her how to order one on Costco. haha. And yes this is what my Mom looks like first thing in the morning. Be jealous.

Joey loves his pricey T's so the girls and I each got him one.
After an awesome pozole breakfast, (complete with boiled pig feet) we packed up the car and headed to Joey's family for even more food and even more gifts.
This pretty much summed up Lou's Christmas. A stack of gifts and a blank stare. She didn't quite get it. Next year she will!
This year was really an amazing holiday. The one thing that would have made it perfect was to have Elaine and Kelly with us. My parents not only spoiled the grandkids, but us kids made out too! Being with my family, all together is always the best thing ever. The gifts were a big bonus.

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  1. The look of happiness on your mom's face (with the canvas print) is priceless. It's what photography is all about. Props to you.


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