Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sunday at the Antique Mall & My Most Expensive Kids Book

I have the hobbies of a 75 year old woman. Knitting, reading and antiquing. We were on a hunt for a new wall piece for the bathroom. I was looking for something really cool and mermaid themed. We did not find anything for the bathroom but we did see a lot of cool and sometimes creepy stuff!

Super Scary Monkey

Cute Porcelain Elephants

This bag should be in the closet, packed and ready to go at all times.

Bert and Ernie Radio!

This is the first Little Golden Book of Magilla Gorilla. My Pops (Felix) gave all us girls nicknames from cartoons. I was the lucky one who is called Magilla Gorilla. Magilla for short. I sent my Pops this picture and he told me I had to get the book. So I did. Lou kept pointing and crying and saying "book" for as much as we paid for the book I had to tell her "no, Momma's book"

My sister Ouie (nicknamed after Baba Louie from the Hanna Barbara cartoons) likes elephants and we thought these would be cute for her until we remembered we bought her a Kindle for Christmas and a Kindle sitting between 2 bookends would be silly.

re-purposed smug pots

I really really wanted this. If I had one I would type my blog posts and then scan them and post them!

Love this color combo!

Cool old photos

Felix would love this guy.

How cool is this! As a kid Joey was a big fan of the Fonz. Once at a doctors appointment the doctor asked him his name and Joey responded..."Joey Daniel Fonzarelli"


  1. But, the Kindle needs someplace to rest when not in use...

  2. so did you not find something about the three stooges that reminded you about dad's nickname for me?


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