Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas Plays x2

Christmas time is always so hectic. Just to make our lives a bit more complicated our church and Phi's school decided to have their Christmas plays on the exact same day. Must be our punishment for sending her to one religion and practicing another. Anyways our day was school, straight from school to church, straight from church back to school. We ate dinner at a Denny's at 9pm.

The first performance was awesome. Because we think everything our kid does is awesome. It was her small  class  singing the "Our Father". They had these cute crowns and since they are 1st graders they got to go first!

The Phi was super excited about this performance. Or maybe she was excited about the cookie exchange afterwards. In this picture she is looking directly at the tables and tables lined with cookies. If you look close you can see she is drooling.

Then we packed up and headed to the school to get to the BIG performance. Her class had been practicing for weeks. This year the 1st grade were simply the background chorus but there was sure a lot of songs.

I took The Phi to her class and found her costume on her desk. She was a star. The costume consisted of a yellow sheet and some kind of garland holding up a cardboard star. It did not fit very well and in the middle of the play I noticed that it was falling. The Phi had to mess with it, hold it up and then eventually figured out how to get it back on.

I was freaking out the entire time this was happening. I was a very shy kid and I know that if I was on stage and my costume was falling apart on stage I would have been SO FREAKED OUT. It took everything I had to stay in my seat and not run up on stage, push aside some 2nd graders and HELP HER!


The Phi was so not into this gig. When she wasn't singing she was like this.....

Seriously every picture I took was like this........

Even with the lack enthusiasm, the blank stares and the wardrobe malfunction she is my Super Star!

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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    At least she is not picking her nose like that boy next to her. That would have been MY kid! JVS


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