Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas Eve and I Only Cried a Little

I recently wrote about Christmas Eve and how bittersweet this one would be. It ended up being so much fun with all my family and all the food and so much laughing.

There were tamales, rice, beans, salads, and so many treats and of course Lou sees a bunch of bananas and she has to have one. These bananas will be part of a good joke later in the night.

Lou and the girl on TV are doing the same thing. WEIRD!

Baby Michael is the best hype man around. This kid was so awesome and the clapping and the hollering. Next time I go to a concert I am taking this little man with me.

Just like her last encounter with Santa, Lou was not having it. Until a present was given to her. She still wouldn't sit on his lap but at least she stopped crying.

She had just told me how she wanted some combat boots! Man Santa knows all!

The Phi got a Hex Bug. Yea I don't know what they are either.

Andres was mesmerized!

Look how handsome my cousins are! Such handsome men!

Angelica took this picture and I love it!

I thought this picture of my Pops was funny because if you look on the wall on the left me and my sisters.

So there was a white elephant gift exchange. My Tio Javier picked a drill. Such a perfect gift for him. Then it was my cousin Arnie's turn and he stole the drill from my Tio. When Arnie opened the box he found a bunch of bananas! It was so funny.

My Mom with almost all her sisters.



A very small % of the grandkids. Seriously this is not even half. Maybe 1/4.

Even the late hour couldn't being Lou down.

You want to photo bomb me, then of course it goes onto the inter-webs.

While things started to wind down I went around and took as many pictures of my grandparents house as I could. This was when I started to get teary eyed. But with the voices and the laughing and the love surrounding me it did not lost long.

Always the hostess with the mostess my Tia Mary made this amazing treats. I think they were rolos with pretzels and they were fantastic!

My and my Nina/Buddy Buddy Josie.
So the last Christmas Eve turned out to be one of the best. Leave it to my familia to go out with a bang,

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