Tuesday, December 13, 2011


All my past relationships had an expiration date of 4 years. After 4 years I was done and it was over. Something told me that it was not right and it was time to move on.

And then I met Joey. When we hit our 4 year mark I was not bored, or unhappy, or ready to leave. It was the opposite, I was completely happy and looking forward to the next 40 years. And today we doubled my record. Today Joey and I have been together for 8 years.

8 wonderful, exciting and easy years. When I met Joey that was my big revelation. Relationships could be easy. They didn't have to have drama and fighting and awkward moments.  It could just be good and fun and lots of laughing. Life is stressful enough, I can't imagine being in a relationship where you have to be angry or jealous. Having to wonder how the other person feels about you.

Joey is not a man of many words. He is like Silent Bob. Or Ferb. When he says something it is deep, profound and true. So all those years ago when he told me, out loud, he was in love with me I knew that it was deep, profound and so very true. I have never once questioned that.

Being with Joey is really being with my best friend, everyday. Cliche? Maybe. But it is totally true.

Happy Ocho Babe. 8 years ago we were at a punk rock show. Tonight we will be at our daughter Christmas play. How times change huh? Maybe we can make out in the parking lot. Just to keep something the same!

P.S. I love you, forever and today.


  1. Happy Anniversary! This post is awesome!

  2. Eight years, WOOT! You guys a so cute. I like that you called him Silent Bob, that's Bob, too.


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