Thursday, December 08, 2011

Diego 125

As I opened my google homepage I was happy to see the Google logo all Rivera-fied!

The summer I spent in Cuernavaca, Mexico was life changing. I spent the days in such a beautiful place surrounded by amazing art. We would walk through the zocalo daily and stroll next to the Palacio De Cortez, and on the walls of this palace were these amazing murals by Diego Rivera. It is amazing to me to think we could spend the day just gazing at these amazing pieces of art work.

Today we celebrate the 125th birthday of the master of Mexican Muralist. During this time period in Mexico the greats like Orozco, Siquieros (my favorite!), and Rivera left their mark all over Mexico. Of course he is also famous for his dysfunctional yet passionate marriage to Frida Kahlo.

If The Phi had been a boy, his name would have been Diego. After an amazing and important artist.

Diego Rivera is not my favorite artist. He is not even my favorite Mexican muralist, but his work reminds me of a summer of being surrounded by great works of art and living in a beautiful place. Being an "adult" for the first time, making life long friends and exploring ancient places.

Happy 125 Diego.

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  1. i saw this google picture. it immediately made me think of you. and then i read all about it and frida's google image too. I love that they included frida in this google image. to me, diego only exists in my mind because of frida kahlo.


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