Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Birthday Lunch at Brophy Brothers

After the Pumpkin Patch we headed to the beach. We were getting together for my birthday lunch. Even though my sister Tia Uh-laine couldn't be there she recommended the restaurant! We headed over to the harbor for some Brophy Brothers. I was sad that Hornblowers was now gone but Brophy Brother's did not disappoint.

I love the Ventura Harbor. I have so many wonderful memories there. I made another one while celebrating my 34th birthday. 
My beautiful family and a beautiful mural.

The Grandbabies. I do not know why Felix looks so evil here. But the more I look at it the more scared I get.

We kept joking with him about his hair. We kept telling him to stay away from balloons.

A birthday drink. Jack and Coke

Okay so now we know where The Phi gets her love for cutouts.

Trying to see the boats in the harbor.

I had the thresher shark sandwich. Yes shark and it was fantastic!

My sister and family bought me this purse for my birthday. Isn't it gorgeous! I love the colors so much!

Louella started to get a bit rowdy.

And being the good eater she is she attacked the pieces of shark I gave her.

Even Uncle Tommy got in on the cutout action

The 3 Amigos

Of course we missed Uh-laine and Kelly but there is nothing better than all of us at a table, eating, talking, laughing.

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