Friday, October 21, 2011

Strolling For Diabetes

Last weekend we headed out to Valencia to participate in the annual American Diabetes Association's " Step Out Walk to End Diabetes". My amazing cousin Patricia (That's Dr. Patricia to you!) sets up Team Garcia every year. We had not been able to go the last few years, but this year Joey, Me, Phi and Lou were REPRESENTIN'. The weather was perfect and we had such a blast on the 4 mile walk with my familia!

Here is our group photo. TEAM GARCIA FOR LIFE BABY!!
It is well known that diabetes is a problem for Mexican families. In our family our Tata in on dialysis 3 times a week from kidney issues from diabetes. As my Tia's get older a few of them are now struggling with it. When Patty and I were both pregnant we each dealt with gestational diabetes. This disease effects us and this is what we do every year to help raise money and show our support.

This was Lou's first time and she was so good. She just chilled in her stroller, drinking water, eating cookies that Rosie gave her, and then having a banana. But it was The Phi who I was super impressed with. This kid who starts complaining in the mall parking lot about her legs hurting, walked the whole 4 miles on her own. I think it was the fact that she was with Nana and Tata that helped. Also the "pep" talk from Tata about 1 mile in helped. And by pep talk I mean "Stop running around and just walk so you don't get too tired". Man my Pops can really inspire!

Lou's badge
And every year my cousin Erika (that's Erika with a "K") gets us awesome team shirts. Here is the back of this years T's. So Freakin' Rad. I want to wear mine every single day.
The event is so well run. Things were on time and the food, booths and registration tables ran so well and quickly.

And bonus they had a photo booth. We LOVE photo booths.

After the walk we all headed out for breakfast. Any time with my family is always awesome. Next year let's try to get more people participating. Imagine how awesome we would be if we were ALL there. We would take over!!


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  1. What a great event for your family. Love the T's and the photo-booth pics are the best. Too bad everyone is so shy!


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