Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here's a song about Jellyman Kelly, He loves jelly the most. Ah, but most of all, Jellyman Kelly loves jelly on toast.

(okay lets get the formalities out of the way. I was approached through email to blog about this and was sent a very nice gift basket. Did I love jelly before that? yes. Do I love it still? yes. Okay here we go)

In our house family is always first. Always. We have a big ol' loving beautiful family that we adore. I love the family stories that are passed down through the generations. I also love the recipes that are passed down. I think it is so amazing that my kids can taste a delicious dish that their great-grandmother perfected even when my family can't all be together.

Smucker's  is hosting their annual essay and recipe contest, where "your favorite recipe could bring one family together for their dream reunion". So here is a little about the contest. The contest is open until November 16, 2011. Head over to and enter your favorite original made with at least 1/4 cup of Smucker's jelly, jam, preserves or fruit butter. Along with your recipe you will need to enter a 200 word easy about the recipe and how it is part of your family tradition and how it makes family gathering special. 5 finalist will be flown to NYC for a live demo and judging. The grand prize winner will receive.....wait for it.......$20,000.00 towards a dream family reunion.

That's right your favorite family recipe could win you a family reunion. They say food can bring family together. In this case it can literally bring all your family all together.

For all the official contest rules please visit or

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