Monday, August 01, 2011

My Boos and Tender Roni's Birthday

What is worth sitting in horrible traffic on the 15?

Spending the day with the Boo's. They are totally worth it and then some.

See in high school I met this chick and I thought she was Mexican (because I thought all brown people were Mexican), but she was Indian and she was/is SPECTACULAR!

So I grew up with my Boo and her 2 younger sisters and they are like sisters to me. I love those 3 girls so much. And now there is a baby Boo in the mix. Simi's sweet baby boy Ronin just turned one and we headed out to beautiful San Diego to be there to celebrate.

Happy First Birthday Tender Roni!
My Boo and the Birthday Boy.

My Boo now lives in Chi-town so our visits are few and far between. Mostly because I am a horrible friend who has never gone to visit her.

The girls had a great time running around. The food was fantastic and the cake and cake pops were amazing! So yummy.

Looking at my life I have realized that as an adult I do not make friends easily. The life-long friends I have, I made as a kid or a teen. There is something about going through all those years together that really bonds people. Or maybe I am just not friendly or approachable anymore. Who knows?

Jamie, the youngest sister and in the middle was a little kid with a bowl haircut riding her bike like a crazy person when I met her. Now she is all grown-up and stuff. Watching Simi go from that funny and smart-ass kid who jumped the Kia to the amazing brilliant Mom she is today (who is still a smart-ass and super funny).

And there is the man behind the Boo's. Prauf, is the man. And these days is completely in love with being a Grandpa. He took Lou and Ronin and was happy as a clam with the babies.

So here they are. They next generation. I wonder if they will use cappuccino cream cover girl make up, or listen to Jawiian music in a car before school. Or make each laugh so much that their face hurts. Or be there for each other when the world is crashing down. 

Having the Boo's in my life is a beautiful thing. It was so great to hang out together.

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