Sunday, July 31, 2011


A full week at a lake front house. For us it is the perfect vacation. We count down the days and the excitement is felt through text messages, emails and facebook comments. Evey year is better than the last. For me the best part is 7 days with my whole family under one roof. It is amazing to me that my Mom, Pops, sisters and I lived together for years and I never thought twice about it. Now I look forward to that one week a year where we all get to be in one house together. And now it is better than ever. Watching the kids spend so much time together is amazing. To get to kiss my niece, nephew and god-daughter good night every night for a week is the best. To cook for the whole family, to talk, laugh, swim, relax, read, watch TV, drink beers and just hang out together for 7 days straight is the best part of vacation. Bass Lake has been our spot for almost 25 years now, but I think that a week anywhere together would be just as good. Because being together really is the best part for me.

And I can't forget that this trip we take every year is really an amazing gift that my parents give us each year. They give us this week every year to stay connected to one another and to let us make new memories. Giving a chance for their grand-babies to bond together and keeping our family close-knit and so in love with each  other. So thanks Mom and Pops, for every year at Bass Lake that we have had, and the years to come. This will always be the best gift you give to all of us and the one we will always remember.

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  1. It always looks like a fun time. I agree, it's quite awesome for your family to have this chance to get together every year. And, in such an awesome place, too!


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