Friday, July 08, 2011

Massive Amounts of Facial Hair

One thing about photography that I love is photo projects. I like to call is Docu-photos. I always have 365 projects going. I have one for everyday of Lou's life and I have one that has been going on for a few years of a picture of Me and The Phi everyday.

When 2011 started it was a good time for a new project. This time Joey and I collaborated for this one. See Joey has the amazing ability to grow massive amounts of facial hair in a short period of time. His beard is the stuff of legends and the most common question asked is....

"How long did it take you to grow your beard?"

So we decided to see how long it took. On January 1, 2011 Joey shaved his face. We started with a clean slate. A handsome clean slate! Then we started taking a photo once a week. We are about half way through our project.

1. Day one, 2. one week, 3. Two weeks, 4. 3 Weeks, 5. 4 weeks, 6. 5 weeks, 7. 6 weeks, 8. 7 weeks, 9. 8 weeks, 10. 9 weeks, 11. 10 Weeks, 12. 11 weeks, 13. 12 weeks, 14. 13 weeks, 15. 14 weeks, 16. 15 weeks, 17. 16 Weeks, 18. 17 weeks, 19. 18 weeks, 20. 19 weeks, 21. 20 weeks, 22. 21 weeks, 23. 22 weeks, 24. 23 weeks, 25. 24 weeks


  1. He's gone from uncle Fester to Santa Claus, funny, but nice beard.

  2. wow. he definitely can grow some hair. neat project.


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