Monday, July 11, 2011

Growing up and out

Lou is now 13 months old. She is about 20 pounds now and is just days away from walking.

When we brought Lou home from the hospital we had our Amby Baby set up in our bedroom for her to sleep in.  The Phi slept in it and now it would be Lou's bed while she slept in our room with us.

Lou just a few days old!

Lou has not slept in our room since she was probably about 6 months old. Yet the Amby still sits in our bedroom taking up way too much room for no reason at all. Lou barely fits in the thing anymore. 
And since this kid cannot sit still for 3 seconds it pretty dangerous too.

Lou trying to crawl out of a hammock. 
Okay so maybe I am the reason. I have told Joey a few times "We should pack up the Amby", but we haven't. Because I haven't pushed it. Because I am not mentally ready. When we packed it away after The Phi used it I knew it was just going to be stored until the next baby. This time it may be packed away to eventually be given away and possibly never set up next to my bed again.

After we had The Phi we knew we were not done having babies. We knew that we wanted at least one more. Now Joey and I are not sure if we will have any more kids. Right after Lou was born we were like 95% sure we were done. But now that Lou is practically a toddler, eats real food, drinks milk, sleeps through the night, that number has dropped to I would say 75%. Even if we decide to go for another one we have a hard time getting pregnant and it may not happen again.

And the idea of packing away the Amby is like packing away an era of our family history. When I see families with older kids, even adult kids I think about how at one point those families were just like us. New, young, just starting out with babies and little kids. Time seems to be moving faster and faster and before we know it this chapter of our family life will be over. No more babies crawling around, no more toys all over the floor, no more car seats and high chairs. No more sloppy kisses and baby babbling.

It seems like yesterday that The Phi was born and now she is 6 years old. In this same amount of time it will be 2016 and we will have an 11 year old and a 6 year old. I am a fairly intelligent, rational person but the sappy side of me hasn't let me pack away the Amby.

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  1. Aw, Elissa. Your girls are getting big, but there are so many new and cool things you will be able to do with them! But I can understand the end of an era for you and the hesitancy to let go--my 10 year old brother still has his "little boy" underwear in his underwear drawer. My mom won't throw it out.

    PS If it would make you feel better--you can sell the Amby to me!! We're going to start trying as soon as I turn in my thesis (so you know me, I'm cranking that thing out).


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