Saturday, July 02, 2011

Don't feel sorry for the kids.

While we were out wine tasting all over Santa Ynez the kids were not staring longingly out the window waiting for us. This picture may look like they are saying...

"Where are Mom and Dad going? Come back! Don't leave us."

In reality they are saying "Is the car gone? YES PARTY TIME!!!" 

The Phi and Lou had a fantastic weekend with their Nana and Tata. It was filled with some time at a car dealership. 

They went to a graduation party with my sister and the kids at the park. Yes Lou is climbing up the slide and yes The Phi is taking a shopping cart up the stairs.

The Phi and Lili. Super cute girly girls.

Lou just trying to be one of the gals.

The next day the kids went with Nana and Tata to the Summer Solstice festival at Alameda Park.

Yes I know The Phi and Tata have the exact same smile.

There The Phi was able to make a summer solstice headband. Even Schmonkey got to make one,

There was yummy pizza and lemonade to eat.

There was mural painting.

And of course what is a summer solstice without pink shimmery wings and a peacock painted on your face.

*all pictures taken by my Mom!

The Phi has not stopped talking about her weekend. She had an amazing time. And if Lou could talk I am sure she would still be talking about her weekend too. Knowing that the girls were not only being well taken care of, but having such a good time let Joey and I enjoy our weekend even more.

Thanks Mom and Pops for watching the girls for us.


  1. Mercy Elaine11:31 AM

    so did mom do all the diaper changing?

  2. adorable children! looks like they were pre-occupied and had lots of fun while the parents were away!


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