Saturday, July 02, 2011

Anniversary Part Two

So I only woke up once in the middle of the night thinking I heard Lou crying. We slept in, got up, got ready and headed into Solvang for the day. It is a small Danish town with lots of shopping and food. I have always loved Solvang. My parents took us there as kids and it was always a blast.

So weird thing happened as we were driving into Solvang and looking for a parking spot. I see a man standing next to an SUV. As we get closer I am thinking "That looks a lot like my cousin Leo" and then Joey says out loud "That looks like Leo". We turned the car around and lo and behold it was my cousin Leo. Leo and Marissa had been at the casino the night before and like us were in search for breakfast.

After a quick hello with Leo and Marissa, Joey and I settled on Paula's Pancake House for some grub. We wanted to experience some danish food.

I had a omelet with danish sausage and Joey had the specialty of the house the Danish pancakes. Everything was really good.

The plan was to walk around and get the girls some souvenirs.

And we did.

But the little wine tasting rooms got us. We headed into Lucas and Lewellen.   It was the kid who was pouring for us's last day there so he had what I like to call a heavy hand. There we had a wine that was 14% sugar content and OMG it was like candy. Our last wine there was not just paired with chocolate, but served in chocolate!

We then headed to Mandolina (who has recently changed it's name to Toccata) where we got to sample a few Moscato wines. Mine and Joey's favorite. We left there with a bottle of moscato.

We spent the rest of the day walking around and searching for the perfect gifts for the girls. We strolled, we window shopped, we held hands, Joey made friends with a book store owner, and enjoyed the absolutely perfect weather.

I could not resist snapping this photo and sending it to The Phi. She texted us back "I knew you loved Justin Daddy!"

We found The Phi an owl necklace and Lou got a blue Solvang t-shirt. And then it was time to head back to Santa Barbara to pick up our babies.

The last time Joey and I spent a night away from the kids was when we went on out honeymoon 5 years ago. It was so wonderful to spend some alone time with my husband. To relax, and enjoy a meal together. To not worry about the kids or if they were having a good time. It was nice to hold hands and just be together and reflect on the past 5 years.

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  1. Love Solvang. I would flee there when I needed a break from everyday life. Park my car at my hotel and walk everywhere, until I was ready to drive home.


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