Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SB Fair

We love Santa Barbara! Love love love it. I often kick myself and have vowed that if we ever move there I am not leaving this time. After many months of not staying the weekend we finally got a chance to stay overnight. The weather was absolutely perfect and even better? The SB fair was in town.

My Mom and Pops, Cari, Luis and the kids (and us of course) all meet up and had a great day.

Joey always takes The Phi into the petting zoos. I have a fear of being kicked by a goat. 

Awww look at Lulu looking at the bunny. But really she is wondering how she can get her hands on it's to pull on its fur and maybe but an ear in her mouth. Lou is crazy like that.

The theme this year was Wizard of Ahhhh's. And they did such a great job putting the theme all over the place. Here is Lili and The Phi in the hot air balloon.
This is me and my oldest niece The Chone. She is pretty much as tall as me. I AM OLD.

I love these kids so much I want to squeeze this picture.

Who says girls are not good at science?

Felix and the Turtle. Hmm that's a good title for a kids book.

I found this interesting. I saw 2 different rides with this sign.

Lou after a refreshing drink. Man someone clean up that kid. 

I love this picture because it reminded me of my cousin Patty and I when we were little. Oh how I adored Patty. Fact is I still do.

The 3 musketeers. If you are from Moorpark this caption is a lot funnier. Or relevant.

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